Week 2 / UX Notebook

The beginning of my UX “Notebook” – it will include UX/UI/Interaction Audit + Notes from readings.

UX/UI/Interaction Audit

Unsubscribe preferences from Optimum and conEd.


  • Already clicked “Unsubscribe” in my email so I’m wondering why I need to “officially” confirm that I want to unsubscribe again
  • It seems like at this point, it is typical to show an option to re-subscribe if the user didn’t mean to unsubscribe


  • I completed the unsubscribe from conEd after Optimum and it was a totally different experience – I officially unsubscribed through the link in my email
  • A bit confusing to see a subscribe prompt with not a specifically clear depiction that it is different from being unsubscribed
  • I can see how this would confuse users because the text is generic and does not call specific attention

Notes from Readings

  • It sounds obvious because the user shouldn’t “think” when interacting with a digital experience. It should be self-explanatory and easy-to-interpret. It is trying to always be one step ahead of the user and try to know/anticipate where they are going.
  • The challenge seems to be around the idea of “average user” – what does that mean? – because it is difficult to generalize so many diverse learning styles.
  • Reading about digital design for various users reminds me of the idea of print or even more specifically poster design and how there was a grid with that medium (as well as other guidelines), but designers often challenged these “restrictions.” Is the same happening digitally?
  • “Digital products are rude” – This made me laugh! It’s true that error messages can feel degrading. How do these improve?
  • With both of the readings, I’m trying to understand the triangulation of “don’t make me think,” “don’t make me stupid,” and “make me think like a computer.”

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