Week 3 / UX Notebook

UX/UI/Interaction Audit + Notes from Readings

Podcast: “How I Built This”

The reading for this week was a podcast called “How I Built This.” The episode was about Instagram / Source

  • It’s hard to imagine that the original concept grew into what it is today — meaning it was a way to make amateur pictures look “cool” and now “professional” photographers make amateur pictures look “uncool.”
  • “Photos aren’t that good” — That inspiration is the thread that continues today, making people feel that their photos are worthy of sharing.
  • They speak about the monetary valuation and receiving investments — it makes me think that the push was in the marketing/business rather than product design.  “Can you take that luck and capitalize it?” this quote again makes me imagine the monetary value. Which is important, but is it the focus?
  • First to open up a platform to the public — it’s hard to imagine how the platform would be today if this function was established.
  • $50 billion is the worth of Instagram. But, how?! How does a company that doesn’t require payment receive a high worth?


UX/UI/Interaction Audit

Deleting photos from iCloud.


  • After spending hours (!!) on the phone with Apple Support, I learned that it is not possible to mass delete images from the iCloud Library. The only way is to select “moments” and delete by those categories. However, for me, I typically only have about 4 images and about 5,000+ images that I need to remove.
  • I also searched the Internet in order to see if anyone had come up with a workaround and it seems like there are no options. I found a forum where someone else spoke with Apple Support and discovered it is not possible.

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