Week 3 / HQ Experience

Here are my notes for my experience using the HQ app

I played 1 game this week at 9pm. I took screenshots as I was playing in order to document and note the UX.


  • Why is the header text/image blurry? In comparison with the rest of the app’s images, this stands out.


  • Wondering about the “No Smoking” reference, what does this have to do with the online game?


  • Testing using the comment function. Not too sure why one might use the function because it seems to post and increase rapidly. It could be created/used to add to the hype and buzz about the game.


  • With the “new messages” icon, why would it not autoload? What is the purpose to see the number of increasing messages?


  • There are 1 million players! I wonder why there is a heart icon next to the number. Am I supposed to like this?


  • The comments associated with the host are not positive. Makes me curious why this function is still enabled? It seems to allow for cyber-bullying.


  • Wasn’t too sure about the timing at the beginning, my focus was on the question and how to answer then I noticed the host and the color wheel around the picture.


  • Showing the results and the correct answer, wonder why show the exact number of the players rather than a percentage? Is this effective? Show specific competitors?


  • The high score alert doesn’t add much incentive to share or continue to watch. But, it does allow to easily exit.


  • I initially thought it would be easy to exit, but then I add a “spinning wheel of death” and had to force quit the app.

Overall Notes

  • The first two questions seemed demeaning.
  • Curious about the amount of dialogue between each question
  • The hosts must be filmed live and daily? The topics of conversation were relevant. How much goes into production for two shows per day?
  • Interesting how the trend has changed once the funder has been exposed / more here and here.



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