Week 5 / UX Notebook

UX/UI/Interaction Audit + Notes from Readings

UX/UI/Interaction Audit

on Walgreens.com.


  • The “Sign-in” or “Register” button/links are the same. There isn’t a difference between the two, which is not typical. It is easy to recognize where the sign-in button/link is because it is the same color/style as the rest of the links in the header. This adds an extra step to the sign-in process that could be resolved by adding color/style to the link to make it stand out.

To compare I looked at the sign-in process for another pharmacy’s online site: CVS.


  • With CVS, there is a differentiation because the text is standing out from the rest of the links in the header. However, sign-in and create an account are still in the same style.

My investigation continues in order to see how a site makes this difference between Sign-in and Create an Account different enough. The search led me to Dropbox.


  • Dropbox focuses on the Create an Account feature first, while Sign-in is a link at the top (and linked near the Sign Up beginning). This makes sense as returning users that want to sign in can bypass the sign-up and go straight to the sign in link. Since creating an account is for first time users, it’s important to have that be the focus on the landing page.

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