Week 5 / Coffee Shop

The user journey for my experience of getting coffee. 

I had an early morning babysitting gig in Midtown. At home, I was in the process of making coffee, but I decided that I should go and buy some instead since I was ready and would have enough time. My thought process was that the train was going to be busy and I wouldn’t have a seat so I thought it’d be easier to go and buy some in Midtown. Once I got to Midtown, I had trouble checking my phone, looking for a place to get coffee. I also was thinking I wanted espresso but because it was the morning, it’d take a while and I didn’t want to run into the morning rush. I saw a Whole Foods on the map so I decided that’d be a good option because I get a prepared coffee and use Apple Pay. I get 5% cash back with my credit card. There was no line! Got my coffee and chugged it the 3 blocks to the babysitting spot.



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