Week 6 / UX Notebook

UX/UI/Interaction Audit + Notes from Readings

UX/UI/Interaction Audit

Error messages.


  • This error message from Processing caught me off guard and made me laugh. I appreciate the way that there is humanity behind the automation and you can get a sense for the voice of the company.

To compare I looked at how other websites display error messages and if they use humor.

  • MailChimp has a pretty funny voice so it makes sense that they add humor in the “Create an Account” user flow. Since this is not a sensitive part of the website (meaning not having to do with payments, sensitive data, etc) then it makes sense to add a humorous voice here.

  • In another example I found online, it was for an error message for entering a birthday on Yahoo. Knowing the realistic years of birthdays it makes sense to add a witty remark here. But, as we read in “About Face” – it is important to not to make your users feel stupid.

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