Week 7 / Project 3 Idea

What is your product idea?

The comedic eye is the process of criticizing a topic to a point where it evokes a new understanding. I’d like to develop a product that turns the concept of the comedic eye into an actual tool that users can use to understand and critique a topic. 

What is the purpose/vision statement of the product?

The purpose is to make the stand-up comedian tactic applicable to other disciplines. While poking fun, we can discover a new understanding of a people and circumstances.

What is the current problem you are trying to solve? Why is it a problem?

Laughter is an evolutionary behavior that creates social bonds. Stand-up comedians have profited by understanding this ancient action; they have entertained audiences for years. Comedy is not only for comedians; design can adopt these methods to generate a similar connection. A connection that is stronger, especially around topics that are taboo. Designers have an opportunity to explore this method of entertainment to create meaningful work for their audiences. By defining the comedic condition as a design tactic, designers could expand its skills in the field. It is forcing an authentic voice that is unique, which in turn, allows for a stronger point of view to come across in a designer’s work. It is fine-tuning the skills as a visual editor to make a clear and direct argument. The thesis reinforces Dutch graphic designer, Jan van Toorn’s argument that: “Any design has a certain content, an emotional value. It has specific features. It has a clear goal. You have to convey something to somebody (25). By using a personal voice, the designer can take a stand and address topics that have been stigmatized. It is the moment now for designers to be bold leaders and address uncomfortable issues in order to disrupt traditional systems and beliefs.
What context is necessary to evaluate the solutions?

Understanding how designers are currently working and what tool would actually be helpful for them to use.


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