Week 9 / UX Notebook

UX/UI/Interaction Audit + Notes from Readings

UX/UI/Interaction Audit

Search results with spelling errors.


  • The search bar on Apple’s website does some things right, but also there are some things that could be better.
  • The search bar does provide quick link options – this is helpful when the user wants to find certain things fast. The search also has the option to auto-fill when you start to type.
  • The issue is with spelling errors or mis-typing because the search results do not provide other options or help to resolve.

After doing some research on this site, it provides examples on how to improve search results.

  • In this example, though there was a typo there is also an attempt to help the user correct the typo and find what they are searching for.


  • Similar to Apply, HP results in 0 search results rather than providing suggestions as Amazon does in this example.
  • By showing other results, it benefits both the user and the company because it provides a chance to purchase/find other options.

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