Week 10 / UX Notebook

UX/UI/Interaction Audit + more.


UX/UI/Interaction Audit

Fun and interactive UX design.

I’ve been trying to find UX experiences that are fun rather than being critical of websites and trying to find out how they can do better. In my research, I came across this website that is a page dedicated to a party that a design studio will host.




  • Key features include moveable text, emojis in title, and simplicity.
  • The motion incorporated in the scrolling of the opening page adds a fun and playful movement in the beginning of the user’s interaction with the site. By adding this motion it adds another level of personality to the text that could just be displayed in the opening page.
  • Having the emoji icons in the title of the website add another playful touch to the website. Like with the opening/display text, it could just be simply a description displayed, but instead it is another playful touch.
  • I appreciate simplicity and in the instance of this website – sometimes we are overwhelmed with text and information from websites. Other times it can be boring to only see text on a page. However, this website nicely displays interesting simplicity.



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