Week 13 / Project 3

The final outcomes (at this point) with Project 3.


How to improve the tools provided to designers to faciliate more impactful, effective, and positive critiques?


Since my focus for this project was the system of a design critique, I started by investigating how designers spoke about conducting critiques. My TL;DR takeaway was that by organizing a structure around the session, it will allow for more successful feedback sessions. The focus on my research came from this article.

The article mentioned above led me to create this image of an effective critique.




The above infographic led me to create the following Personas that would relate to each of these “players” in a critique.




Next, I conducted a Competitive Analysis using heuristic evaluation in order to see where I could improve my project idea.


You can visit the Competitive Analysis here.



After my evaluation and critique, I was working on what I could do next to develop my project. It was at this point when I discovered the feedback tool called, Red Pen. This site was developed by designers to give designers a good way to easily collaborate with teams. I investigated how my work so far aligned with Red Pen and the other competitors I audited.

The competitors are already creating successful collaborative feedback programs, however they are all missing a facilitator player. 

After this point of clarity, I dedicated that my project would be an extension on an feedback program that already exists.

Next Steps

At this point, I’ve selected Red Pen as my program that I will by extension off of so I added screenshots below of the how the website works/functions.

A friendly, welcome/sign up screen
After uploading work, the site shows how the user can get started
Posting a comment on a part of the work
Option to send a link to colleagues to collaborate
Updated with description under title
When a comment is posted, shows commenter’s name
Comments allow @mentions and multiple comments
Comments can be tagged with an “I agree” action

This is where I am at with the User Journey of the new project I’m developing. I’m attempting to add the “Facilitator Option” as part of the comment feature. I want to make sure that the feature isn’t too abrasive so it will be internally recording when users do not click on the feature.



As mentioned in the article that sparked the investigation, this tool would need the following parts (as a facilitator:

  • Focus people on the critique and design goals
  • Suggest moving not-relevant discussions to the parking lot
  • Keep an eye on time
  • Promote equal participation


This project is a work-in-progress – there is much more to expand on.



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